Customer Comments

"Nice group of guys, they did what they said they would do and were fair priced."
- Mark Brooks

"Very satisfied with Great Outdoors, they told me what to expect with their project."
- Jerry Birdsall

"Hey Brad, just wanted to say thanks for turning our yard around. After many trials, we finally feel we have found someone that cares what he does and it shows when you look at our lawn."
- Tim Bach

"Great Customer Service and responds promptly throughout the season."
- Scott Retikis

"Thanks guys for being responsive and honest and following through on the work you do."
- Cindy Lynch

"Great Outdoors is dependable and when you watch them work, you know they care."
- Merideth Wilson

NEW! – 3D Landscape Software

We take an ACTUAL picture of your home and build your landscape digitally.

You will know what your finished yard will look like before we plant one tree.

(Let us 3D Landscape your home today!)

Great Outdoors Lawn & Landscape

We are passionate about improving the appearance and quality of our customers lawns and landscape designs.

We understand the importance of having your lawn and landscape look appealing to you, your friends, your neighbors, and the general public.

We are confident we can provide that service to meet your lawn and landscaping needs.

Serving Council Bluffs and Omaha.