Customer Comments

"Nice group of guys, they did what they said they would do and were fair priced."
- Mark Brooks

"Very satisfied with Great Outdoors, they told me what to expect with their project."
- Jerry Birdsall

"Hey Brad, just wanted to say thanks for turning our yard around. After many trials, we finally feel we have found someone that cares what he does and it shows when you look at our lawn."
- Tim Bach

"Great Customer Service and responds promptly throughout the season."
- Scott Retikis

"Thanks guys for being responsive and honest and following through on the work you do."
- Cindy Lynch

"Great Outdoors is dependable and when you watch them work, you know they care."
- Merideth Wilson


We offer the following Residential and Commercial LANDSCAPE CARE SERVICES:


At Great Outdoors Lawn and Landscape, we specialize in many forms of lawn care. Our knowledgeable staff  members are well-trained and equipped to handle all your seasonal lawn care needs and landscaping requirements. Just give us a call at (712)256-5000 or (402)490-9989.


Synthetic Fertilization

Our program includes fertilization, crab grass prevention, grub control and winterization. We also treat for mosquitoes, mushrooms and nut grass.



We are passionate about being outdoors and we work with you to create the vision of what you want your landscape designs to be. We distribute through nurseries that provide high-quality trees, shrubs and plant materials in order to provide healthy growth for your landscape plan. We feature Unilock Pavers for our paver patios and Versa-Lok retaining wall systems. We use Aquascape products for our water features (ponds, waterfalls and streams). Your outdoor living can be transformed with heightened landscaping and water features.


Tree Care/Pruning/Removal

We specialize in planting, fertilizing, trimming, pruning, stump grinding and removing trees




Sprinkler Installation and Maintenance




Organic Gardening

We offer a tilling service and can blend organic matter into your soil through Gardens Alive, which will enhance the quality and nutrition of your fruits and vegetables.


Organic Fertilization Program

We use NATURE SAFE which is derived from 100% Natural and Organic sources. NATURE SAFE has the highest concentration of organic nutrition in a commercial fertilizer. NATURE SAFE is a blend of various plants and animal meals that contain essential natural amino acids, chelated secondary elements, vitamins and enzymes that allow for healthy plant growth by providing adequate nutrients to the roots of the plants and turf.

NATURE SAFE contains hummus and organic matter that holds nutrients as well as water, making them available to the plant as needed. This results in fewer applications of fertilizer and you can reduce the need to water. Due to the low salt index, NATURE SAFE will not burn your lawn during the hot summer months.

NATURE SAFE does not contain chemicals that kill weeds. Instead, weeds are naturally controlled as the turf thickens. Our program is built on the concept of promoting healthy plant growth.



Aeration provides the opportunity for the grass root systems to acquire the nutrients, water and air that are essential for growth. Loose soils allow the root systems to penetrate more deeply into the soil and become stronger and healthier. Soil microorganisms become more abundant and help in breaking down and preventing the formation of thatch in lawn.

Aeration is recommended once a year. Compacted soil or problem areas such as your lawn not turning green after fertilization may indicate that your soil is compacted, preventing water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots.


Power Raking

Power Raking removes the excess organic debris and build up of thatch that naturally collects on your lawn. Such things as dead grass roots, dust, leaves and other time compounding organics are referred to as “thatch build-up”. These congested materials settle and compact underneath live grass making it difficult for oxygen and other nutrients to reach starving roots. By removing these debris it will reduce watering time and will assist your lawn in absorbing fertilizer and other natural nutrients that are needed for a healthy lawn.

Power raking should be done when thatch becomes ½ inch thick.



Over-Seeding is one of the most important lawn care tasks because grass isn’t immortal. Over time, grass plants will slow down their reproduction rates. They get tired just like we do as we age and thin grass invites weeds.

Over-seeding compensates for that natural slow down of the turf’s reproduction. There are two major benefits to over-seeding every three to four years. First, you insure your lawn stays thick and dense, or if it has thinned, you will make it thick again. Thick grass has few if any weeds if it is mowed over two inches tall. The second benefit is disease resistance. The new varieties of seed you sew this year will have better resistance than those varieties already in your lawn.




(712)256-5000 or (402)490-9989