Grounds Maintenance 

(Commercial + Residential)

We offer mowing, weeding beds, erosion control, grading, and over seeding.

Grading, Erosion Control, and Seeding
From grading residential yards to acres, please contact us for questions or estimates regarding grading and over seeding

Options of salt/sand or straight salt available
- Skid loader and front end loader available on site
- Walkways, parking lots, etc.

Snow Removal



- Plants
- Mulch
- River rocks

Whether you need us to create a design for you or you have a plan in mind, we will mark out with you where all plantings will go and all boundaries of each landscape bed.  We will discuss what options for ground cover ( river rock, mulch)  works best in your landscape.

Retaining Walls

- Modular Block Walls
- Boulder Walls
- Timber Walls
- Tie Walls
- Masonry Block Walls

After observing your Landscape we can discuss which method of wall would be most beneficial for your property as certain walls do work best in certain areas, and prices vary for each method.  Modular Block retaining walls are most popular.  We discuss with our customers the construction of their projects so they understand and are comfortable with the process. We mark out the areas of excavation with the homeowner.  We often repair walls that have fallen or failed due to improper construction and backfilling.  Our retaining walls do have a warranty, which we will go over during the estimate.

Paver Patios + Flagstone Patios

Paver Patios we do consists of pavers from several local suppliers. We will provide examples that vary in price and design. It is important to have a solid foundation for pavers and to ensure this we do install a Geotextile Fabric under all of our paver patios, which serves as a barrier between the dirt and crushed aggregate. This is important to prevent settling issues over time.  We install a 6 inch crushed aggregate base under the patio along with ¾ of an inch of sand for leveling purposes. We use HP NEXTGEL JOINTING SAND to lock in your patio.  During an estimate, we will explain the process and steps of starting and completing your patio and why some paver patios shift and what we do to prevent this from occurring.  We always mark out the boundaries and area of the patio with the homeowner, prior to excavation.

Water Features

Water Features are very calming and relaxing, relatively little maintenance, and are very peaceful and pleasant to add around a patio or outdoor area.  We do ponds, coy ponds, swim ponds, waterfalls, streams, and bubblers. We use high quality felt and pond liner. During your estimate, we will explain the process and steps of starting and completing your patio.


(Commercial + Residential)

From Residential sidewalks to commercial parking lots, we have the knowledge to complete your projects.  We will give you references for our quality of work.  We do driveways, steps, patios, parking lots, parking lot repairs, stamped concrete, and colored concrete. Our  2 concrete foreman have 20 and 30 years of finishing experience.

Outdoor Kitchens

A top benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is that they’re perfect spaces for entertaining. It can get crowded in an indoor kitchen when entertaining, but outside there’s much more space. Most kitchens are custom designed. There are some attractive kits, which offer a variety of different mortared brick to choose from. We can show you examples of both.

Other Services

-  Installation + Lighting
- Landscape Maintenance – weekly or bi weekly of removing weeds for landscape beds
- 3D landscape design
- Tree removal and tree pruning
- Pergolas
- Custom Decks
- Fences ( wooden and chainlink)